domingo, noviembre 16, 2008

Busy weeks and Retreat of 9 grade

Everybody is busy. Everybody is working and doing their homeworks.Because, next week is is the last week of the first term. In the English class which I attend, the students are enjoying different kind of poems. Every Monday we have Upper School Faculty Meeting. In the Spanish class the class is enjoying watching a movie related to the farming and technology history.So next week will be the busy week for everyone. 9 grade did retreat last Thursday and Friday. First, during Thursday evening all the guys of 9 grade were doing different kind of games and activities. After that, a man who is drummer came to the school in order to make a show with the students. During the night they slept in the gym of the school. And on Friday morning they started doing the Community Service in the Poghkeepsie city. The program is part of the School and required. The English teacher, Anaeleine is going to leave the school after this first term, that's not good. On Friday afternoon, I talked with Hermano Bernabe the coordinator of BQE in Bolivia. It was great to hear him. After that I talked with Vickey Kayser from BQEF in USA. I will write more in the web page of BQEF about my staying And yesterday was my first time taking a train for myself, I am happy, I did. Because for me, It is so complicated to move from some place to another place because It is a little bit confusing the roads the highways or the towns and the cities. Yesterday I went to Bob's concert (the family in Hartstale) two times. It was really amazing. Today we were in Hardsdale Friends Meeting House.

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