miércoles, mayo 13, 2009


BQEF arranged for me and for Alicia a Workshop "Educators New to Quakerism" in Pendle Hill, Philadelphia. It was unique experience.
Before going to Philadelphia everyone told me in Oakwood that Pensilvania is the "Quaker State", because this state has the highest population of Quakers.
Jeremy rode me to the bus stop. So i took the bus to New York, i was afraid to go to NYC, because swine flu. But I have not been for long time in the city, just I stopped very quickly in the Bus terminal. After that, I took another bus to Philadelphia. When I got there Mary Lord was waiting for me. We walked through streets and she showed me the William Pen statue. She introduced me some friends on FWCC (Friends World Committee for Consultation). I met there Louise Salinas and her friend.
After this office we went to the book launch "Mindfulness in Teaching and Learning" and i got some authographs on the book from the authors. There was food as well. Wednesday evening I spent on Pendle Hill, such a beautiful place.
On thursday and Friday I met some friends from FCE (Friends Council on Education) and many quaker teachers as well, around 30 people. The most interesting thing was to get together with Alicia Lucasi (another quaker Bolivian teacher in North Carolina Friends School, who came with the same program). We talked a lot about how all the Quaker Community in Bolivia can improve the Education, which is the best way to improve our family, our society, our communities and our country. So, we talked each other saying that in the future we are going to work together in order to develope the education. That is really good for myself.
Thank you friends , let's keep going promoting, teaching the good things to our future generations.
Espero que lo disfrutes. I hope that you will enjoy. Jawillakipanaya

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Max Ramirez C. dijo...

Ruben, buena experiencia la tuya, seguro que tienes muchas inovaciones para tu vuelta a Bolivia, sigue adelante esperamos tu regreso bay, bay Maxxx R.